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Our comprehensive service to telecommunication network providers encompasses the initial planning right through to a full time support structure. 

By offering this bespoke service solution from highly experienced industry professionals enables us to work in partnership with Companies that provide everything from subsea networks to residential home installations.

  • Comprehensive surveying
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Specialist support and network auditing
  • Planning, installing, and maintaining of telecommunication networks
  • Network upgrades
  • Installing, testing and commissioning fiber optics, PBX system, Microwave Links, VHF-UHF Radio Links, VOIP Networks,
  • Civil works associated with Network Construction

Complete Maintenance Service

When a job is done properly and by the right people, the result is something that always works.

Our in-depth knowledge of telecommunications enables us to select the right solution in the right site location to meet our clients' objectives.

With our cutting edge telecommunication infrastructure expertise and network support service our clients benefit from the expertise and experience FG brings to the telecommunications industry.

FUTURE GATE(FG) started installing microwave and cellular antenna systems in 2006. The company is small, 35 employees, but we specialize in quality installations and dedicate our service to communications alone.

The growth of point to point microwave systems for long distance communications provided the requirement for specialized contractors that FG responded to. The need to install antennas and waveguide on towers required experienced crews that had the special background these applications required, e.g., a local tower contractor would build the tower and then our company would come in to install the antennas and transmission lines. This special vendor relationship was required due to the sophisticated nature of antennas and waveguide used in microwave communications.

Alignment and antenna/waveguide system testing required expensive test equipment. It was not unusual for our crew to have $150,000 worth of test equipment with them in order to provide the quality assurance acceptance testing the market needed. This equipment was only used to check VSWR of antenna waveguide systems and path alignment/path loss measurements. This test equipment has the ability to find faults if the system specifications could not measure up to the minimum standards required by radio equipment companies. 

This field service routine provided efficient installation acceptance and prompt attention to any engineering or design flaws, e.g., the radio will play as engineered if you give it the prescribed antenna system to terminate into.

Software installers were easier to locate; they did not have to climb towers. Hardware installers tend to be a different breed. The antennas sometime would weigh 4,000 pounds. The waveguide was delicate. FG concentrated on supplying the tower hardware installations and acceptance testing for this segment of the communication market. The test equipment inventory of FG grew in support of all the frequency allocations the communication market received. The needs, the cellular and specialized mobile radio systems have are natural additions to our services. FG nationwide experience provides our customers with the quality workmanship they expect.

The nature of special installation considerations adopted by our installer working with waveguide is a plus when the crew switches to a coax/antenna installation. The result is a quality installation for the same cost a crew without extensive experience would provide.

Maintenance & Inspection

Future Gate (FG) provides inspection, testing, and repairs to all items related to existing tower site structures. We have the proper test equipment and tools for testing and repairing tower problems using such equipment as Anritsu Site Master, Anritsu spectrum analyzer, or Anritsu Scalar Network Analyzer.

Site Inspection Report (with pictures) shall be prepared on each site documenting:

  • Antennas: antenna azimuth, downtilts, model numbers by face.
  • Tower: tower type, condition, location, grounding, alignment, cabling, platform, etc.
  • Shelter/Cabinet: type, condition, etc.
  • Compound: condition, etc.
  • Grounding: test results.

Items covered include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Grounding System
  • Antennas
  • Connectors
  • Jumpers
  • Coax & Waveguide
  • Array Platform
  • Tower Structure
  • Lighting

Inspection of paint integrity and repair of all ground connections include:

  • checking the tightness of lugs, cadwelds, and ground connections
  • Repair of bad or broken ground connections
  • Ground resistance testing and recording

Inspection and repair of tower structure to include:

  • Bolts.
  • Mounting brackets and hardware.
  • Plumb and tension.

Inspection and repair of cables to include:

  • identification of damage (holes, dents, kinks, or corrosion).
  • Verification of proper installation.
  • Cable supports.
  • Verifying weather proofing on connectors and grounding.
  • Replacement of missing hardware.

Inspection of downtilts and azimuth to include:

  • verification against site data sheet
  • Adjustment to match site data sheet

Inspection of tower lighting to include:

  • cables, photo sensor, mounting hardware and bulbs
  • Replacement of missing cable supports
  • Verification of proper operation

Inspection of microwave antenna system to include:

  • Dish alignment and waveguide testing.
  • Proper antenna and waveguide installation.
  • Pressurization.